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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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no different than it is now, in terms of width and there is a planting area, for however, far the stair is shifted to the east, i agree with commissioner highland that the double jogging is kind of awkward. and that is why i asked the question as if the stairs do shift, clearly the garage was not there when the house was built and it is not, you know, obviously it is now part of the house and considered part of it. but if the shifting stair is okay from a historic perspective of the neighborhood, and the district, then we are giving everything that the home owner is requesting and we are not changing the quality relative to the secretary of interior standards and i know with the residential design team as long as you are not paving that area, even if you took that entire driveway area in the front and you did permeable pavers so that even that greener than it would be, with
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a paved surface tha, would increase the greenness of the front of the house. >> right. >> and further, emphasize the house itself. because i agree with that kind of tunnel effect, makes you look at the garage, and so opening it up a little bit helps you focus more on the house itself than the garage. >> and then putting in a curb would hopefully prevent them from paving over. >> yeah. >> i don't think that is the intention. >> certainly it would prevent that. i mean, the owner is clearly committed to the house, and the maintenance of it as a victor an home. >> mr. fry? >> commissioners, tim fry, department staff just for clarification for discussion purposes on the overhead, this is commissioner highland's sketch, just to clarify, the you know, the changing of the straight run stair, ever so slightly and then insuring that this area be maintained as landscaping. >> yeah. >> so the challenge is going to
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be the cherry tree, and i don't know how close we can get. >> how how the root system is, but if it could be moved, that would be also, if it could be moved to the east side above the new run of stairs? >> possible. >> and sponsor? it seems like an acceptable solution. >> i am finding through this process that it just mattered a lot and i would love to keep the stairway straight and widen it and i understand that we can't do that and i appreciate the comment and i think that it is a good idea, whatever marginal space that we get in the driveway will be helpful and i am happy to keep it green i think that it looks better that way. >> thank you. >> before we go to public comment, i have one other comment on the facade of the building and actually lowering the garage and i think that it helps the facade of this building, tremendously by getting the garage door opening further away from the window and we have seen it a couple of times in the passed and it helps the look of the facade and reestablishing the bay.
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>> and just as a practical concern, having that driveway, really requires an suv or a large vehicle to get in there and i know that those are very friendly for the community for reasons and i would love to have a smaller car if i could get it up the driveway. >> thank you. >> we will go to public comment and i have two speaker cards. >> i am sorry, the first name, erin morris? >> commissioners, my name is erin morris and i reside at the property that is adjacent to his home. and i want to also just state really quickly, that an endorsement for a board member from the alamo is not an endorsement from the board as a former 8-year member of that board and i just want to clarify that.
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and so i wanted to and just read my letter and i am sorry i am nervous, but also made inquiries and kind of a crazy last seven months. but when we heard about this project we had made inquiry and so thought that this was our opportunity to voice our concerns. just i wanted to clarify that. i will give you a picture. can you see where our house is, and in relationship to the project this besinger is us and this is his home. we have resided at 720 stiener street for 13 years with our two daughters, 15 and 17 1k3 we are drawn to the wonderful lighting that we received from the east west position that is maximized by the two sets of french doors on the east or rear side of our home on the first floor. we are opposed to the addition of a story on the property, as it will dramatically alter the lighting atmosphere and warmth that we receive from the east side of our home. the rooms located in the rear
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of our home are breakfast and family room and kitchen these are the most used rooms in our home day and night. and i am showing you these to also give you an idea of what well what the lighting is light that is all natural lighting without lights. and it is where our family gathers we are able to warm and light these rooms from direct lighting that we received from the eastern sun in the morning and the lighting during the day. and in addition to direct sunlight we also rely on and enjoy the openness of our back deck, the proposed story will create an immediate wall that in its proximity and height will eclipse most of our direct sunlight and darken the space between our homes. while the plan indicates a 3-foot, two inch increase in height, it is actually greater than 4 feet for us, because it is from the roof line not the facade and so this area here,
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is actually a four feet increase for us from the original wall. are you calling time? >> you have 25 seconds. >> thank you. >> so, in the words of the architect we will still get a sliver of sunlight after the proposed story is built, this is heart breaking to us, for 13 years we have enjoyed the privacy of the deck and the windows that have looked on to nothing more than a blank wall and a blue sky, in in addition to the loss of lighting we will lose all privacy in the rear of our home, should the additional story be built. >> thank you. >> thank you for your consideration. >> i do have photographs. >> thank you. >> if you have anything you can leave it right there for us. >> thank you. >> next francis compra.
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>> i live at 718 stiener street which is also, next to 720 and it is right behind tim's house. my backyard is already very, it is like a tunnel. and right now, he has one story with a slanted roof, and he said that he wanted to go up three and a half feet and i said if it were three and a half feet and kept the slanted roof that is fine but it is not, it is going up above the roof line another four feet. so where there was one story, and he is digging down so now there is going to be three stories. and already i can barely see the sky when i am down in the garden. and there is going to be and it is going to go up whatever the slant is plus four and a half feet and so, i am going to be
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and it is going to be like buried there. so, they are going to be taking away sunlight and light. and that is my concern. and i already voiced that to him more than once. that is it. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> any other member of the public wish to speak on this item? please come up to the podium. >> hello my name is john morris, and erin's husband and yes, we have lived 720 stiener for 13 years, and i do appreciate the out reach that he has done and shared the plans with and asked about our opinions and we have it is the sunlight and the height i really appreciate his love of victor ans i share that. but the project at 891 grove street will expand this historic victor an home from a
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one floor home to a three floor home and the facade remains and i appreciate the concern for that and that is all fine. but the victor an home is severely changed. yes, as my wife said the kitchen and the living room is where we spend most of our time, this is sort of an aside, but i came off some brain surgery in january, and that was my infirmry, and i slept in that part of the house and it is our family room and i was aware of how much that bright sunlight adds to the atmosphere in that room as i was benched for a while to recover. any way, so the atmosphere is changed by the increased just in the height of his property. and so it is not the back but it is the height of the building the blue skies and sunshine, coming in through the rear windows will be blocked and we spend the majority of our time in those rooms. by raising the height of this house's side wall four feet to
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accommodate a full floor in place of what is existing, which is an attic, the sky line, and sunshine, is severely limited and me, and not just fran, but several neighbors homes, and this is significantly alters, this home and significantly effects the surrounding homes on grove and stiener street and we do believe the out reach. they have talked about you know, painting colors and that is nice and i appreciate those considerations, roofing surface, and i appreciate that. he also called two days ago and said hey, if this all goes through and everything is fine, and you decide that you do want to change the back of your house, he said that he would you know, be happy to contribute, $3,000 to any sort of work that we are going to do in the back of the house. you know, i appreciate their consideration, but it is the severely altering his house and the atmosphere around it. thank you for listening.
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>> thank you, any other member of the public wish to speak on this item? >> jim warshow victor an alliance, i really do appreciate the comments that were made by the commissioners regarding the staircase, and driveway. i do think that they reflect very creative and good interpretation to have the project really come out better. and since the driveway as you pointed out is a really non-historic element, i am really delighted that you took issue with that. and my only concern was that the staff position was that they thought that they were following the secretary of interior standards, in keeping it as narrow and having these harsh retaining walls. and i know that it is good intent, but i think that the discussion that you brought to
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it, is really how do we accomplish the goals, and not get incredibly narrow, and fixated on what might be a less than desirable out come. and so again, thank you so much for your creativity, and your vision in reimagining it more creatively, thank you. >> and any other member wish to speak on this item? >> seeing none, we will close the public comment and bring it back to the commission. questions? comments? >> the height situation, i think mr. fry, where that is all within legal limit, correct? >> correct. miss kirby may be able to add some to this, but the residential design team did review the project and found that it met not only the code requirements but also the guidelines and the residential
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guidelines in preserving the light and air to surrounding properties. >> okay. commissioner highland? >> that was my question, i don't think that the height is under our purview, if it is within the zoning, if it is applicable without a variance it is not in our purview. >> commissioner pearlman. >> i wanted to say the same thing, that the neighbors have an opportunity to file a discretionary review if they are unhappy with the design but it is not in our purview, and just for the neighbors, this is just, this is a hazard of living in san francisco. and you know, neighbors don't own the sky and they don't know the view and things like that and so it is just sad that this happens sadly all of the time. but you do have another avenue to pursue, that is, you know, not in our purview, but in the planning commission's purview. >> thank you. >> commissioners. anything else? >> motion? >> anything? >> yeah, i would like to make a
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motion to approve this certificate of appropriateness, with the sketch of the design changes that commissioner highland included, and that the staff can review the final details of how that is implemented. >> okay. >> second. >> second. >> thank you. >> call the roll. >> commissioners on that motion to approve the project with conditions as modified to allow for the widening of the driveway with the landscaped area by jogging the stairs as far east as possible without impacting the existing cherry tree, on that motion? >> highland >> yes. >> johnck. >> yes. >> matsuda. >> yes. >> pearlman >> yes. >> wolframs. >> yes. >> hasz. >> yes. >> and that passes and concludes your agenda. >> we will close this meeting.
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>> thanks everybody i'm dpa with s k s on behalf of everyone and southeast partners want to welcome you to the groundbreaking we'll have you in april or may assuming we're still on schedule tim; right? good. first of all, i want to thank some of the people this is a team celebration that start with our land use attorney that helps us navigate this process that was quite easy and peter and the folks from the architecture we're bias we think it's a
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beautiful design planning commissioner moore said the building is exceptionally well designed it does everything correct and is a building this is respectful of everything around that it is wonderful and i'm pleased to support that. peter we know that commissioner moore doesn't hand out a lot of compliments i hope you're proud as we are very well done. in connection is the alderman of swat we're looking forward to a long relationship but want to recognize mike and bryan as well as their colleague michael who couldn't be here that represented us on the marketing and leasing on the project finally i gaffe one of the colleague and partners they've
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been here we're on schedule and budget and intent intend to keep it that way in addition their going to participate in an experiment we're boring from london and we're going to post on the job site sense penn cal commits to this county to be a respectful contractor to manage noise that unfortunately comes from construction if this works maybe others in the city will follow us the biggest thank you to so mayor ed lee and his administration we're joined by director ram and jean who worked hard with us over the past year and a half to get us here we're appreciative of our font we have
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the building inspection to make sure that the permits arrive on time to keep things going and in addition to that this project recommendation what the city has been trying to do with long-term planning this is part of the south eastern neighborhood this is from 2008 we're grateful for the mayors administration in allowing this project 270 to happen without trovrt which is something we all strife for that in san francisco finally there are two citywide initiatives we feel strongly about this building will be reflective have to have a lower impact on climate change we've played for platinum status and we support the mayor and his administration and the transit first policy of
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the city we'll have only 12 parking stalls but 52 bike parking spaces with shoreside and we want to be supportive (clapping.) with that, mayor ed lee the podium it yours >> dan let me bring my personal congratulations to s c s and the attorneys and all of you together have produced an excellent product as i go around the city there are sensitive areas of the city we're trying to do better and planning is in the center with dbi to help us to make sure that the developed is right for the city and right here where a few months ago you only saw a parking lot request a
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hair clearly this is not only unutilized it was calling ought to do better those private investments that are not only making the changed and allowing for some to 8 hundred berlin next year i want to be here also want to absolute passport and the architects and engineers he working again your reputation precede you you've done be fantastic work i've been there at the spur building and love it here what you've designed and the lead platinum but the enlightenment to the historic area we're in the south of market the south park and in those areas where you have to be sensitive to the way you've designed it and given the quick
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approval that it can be challenging when you have agencies trying to protect a little bit of our history and they quickly saw our work and congratulations to the entire team and the development team i'm also excited about what this development means it's not only an office, by construction jobs will be here and continues to be a story of putting people back to work this are good marked jobs and this contract hire good folks i want to keep them business just by the men and women they hire are always good for the city we were there the other day with leader pelosi, you know, we have a great history of the city building our way and building new knows that
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are seismically sound and representing of the homes where a lot of new employers in this case have no more bicycle parking spaces than cars it's we have to have solar panels and to have this building is a good story interest to top it off there are serious contributions by the impact fees it's expensive to be in the city and it's more expensive with when the city extracts fees out of you over 8 and a half million dollars is going to trams and infrastructure and affordable housing those are things we are promoting with our developers. i do meet with our developers and dan is one of our kind of close group of developers in the
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city i constantly want to have a conversations with if we get high-level of coordination we can do a lot more with the private sector if we gossiping give in to fast track stuff this means private investments they're putting together their investors can invest in our city it's not only letting the developers do we they want to do but the public-private relationship is for those days. i know that john ram and i glow this weekly this relationship is greatly important to the direction of the city so the more conversations that we can have can effect policy for the
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city i'm all about making sure that collaboration at the a high-level it can breakdown to no confusion and second-guessing the intention ultimately the intention is build to keep the city vibrant and alive for everybody for all the spectrums this is what jobs and good development and design does and good contractors do and what great developers do congratulations to everyone i look forward to this opening and continuing this great story with so many other developers congratulations s k s congratulations and thank you very much (clapping) >> now i'd like to introduce the preside the president america our
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partner. >> (clapping). >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on the groundbreaking for brooklyn in her street i'm the president and ceo. the industries is a long business plan two years ago which we call innovation and it highlights the importance of all the about his so we've been there it's out for real and by being more active in government business in the united states especially in san francisco we mark toy as an initial step our long-term goals i want to express my gratitude and appreciation. i would first like to thank our
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partner s c s thank you very much for making this venture happening and thank you to the architectures not only for the design but also engineering energy and the downtown product thank you. and i also want to thank mayor ed lee and supervisor kim and san francisco government and the neighboring resident for supporting a new relationship to the community. thank you very much. we are extremely fortunate in the stage of this project they've chosen here as their headquarters and with all of this in place the success on brooklyn no one is a success with our contractor i'm confident those parties will lead us through a safe and timely project to make this into
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realty thank you very much for grandfathering here today. thank you very much
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